Some English?

11 02 2005


Two roads diverged through the fallen town,
the twisted turns have kept us bound,
I saw in some distance a shimmering light,
summoning strength for the torrid fight.

Whose town this is, I think I know,
His House isn’t in the village though,
The path I take I already know,
I take the one that I take alone.

Two roads diverged through this grey town,
and though its paths lay clearly found,
I could not help but know I was bound
to take the one with the people face down.

I’m walking down a line,
they all say I’ve lost my mind,
In the end, I took my path,
leaving nothing for my shattered past,

And that, I hope, can make a difference


But while we believe in the unfettered glory of our proud and successful nation we are aware, it is to the news, the literature, and the people that we owe such consciousness, of our nation’s tempestuous past. We have not been perfect. And as in each adolescent’s life, as to which our country has been compared to, we approach a time in which we must take responsibility for coups, the wars, and the people. Not that we deserved 9/11. However, it is at times like these that such a country, blood-stained and pockmarked by scandal, becomes not wholly good nor entirely evil, rather, we are the country that is both the good team and the bad team. Knowing this, we will grow up.




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