Two Poems and a Homily

15 02 2005

Missing Man

Dead destiny traveling now,
Faster than I can count,
Bodies across the sunset sand,
Tasting their dry breath,
Deeper truth can’t be had.
Choosing death, running fast,
Want to leave, can’t do that.
Question belies the truth,
Cannot choose. Am I strong?
Were we all wrong?
I tried to live, can’t be trapped.
Failing that, I search the sands.


In the shadows lie the monsters,
Of the dreams not had,
Of leviathans not speared,
Of cunning men not yet feared.

Shadows do not lie,
Of truth they only hide the mask,
Of life they but give half,
Of liberty they laugh.

Shadows hold the weathered key,
Of phoenix life and prosperity,
Of a bitter November past,
Of the key, it’s you we ask.



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