Rainy Day

22 02 2005

I’m sick, plain sick. Headache, runny nose, then stuffy nose, congestion, wheezing, more headaches. Apparently, though, I’m not the only one … Julie and Victoria (my cousins) are also sick, and so is my mom, … and most of my school. Invariably, rain brings the flu to me and I guess everyone else too.

Speaking of rain, its raining all the time. This is a record year of rain in the SD and honestly, I love it. Not for what it is, but for what it brings. Never do the hills of California look as green as they do after rainfall. Everything just seems clearer, newer, full of life. Similar to what Pablo Neruda wrote in “Me gusta cuando callas”, the reason I like the semi-dead state of the world during silence (or in this case the torrent of rain) is how the world appears afterwards at the simplest smile of the sun.

Today I watched “The Motorcycle Diaries” with my grandparents in Spanish (Eng. subtitles). It is the story of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the South American revolutionary of the twentieth cenutry. It was a vivid portrayal of the profound injustices and the depth of compassion (not to mention oratory skill) of Che. With Che and Alberto Grando (Che’s friend – *the actor is the real-life 2nd cousin of Che) at the helm of La Poderosa “The Mighty One” (their motorcycle) I got to talk with my grandparents over much of the scenery and the people they came across. Perhaps my favorite moment was in southern Peru where Che and Alberto went to a dance where the song sung was the Chipi Chipi. This ws my favorite moment, because as I lay on the couch, I heard my grandma singing along to the music … cantando el chipi chipi

“Deja que el mundo te cambia y puedes cambiar el mundo”
Let the world change you and you can change the world



3 responses

23 02 2005

Motorcycle Diaries is such a great movie. After watching the movie I felt a void in my life and the need to get out there and make some changes. It was truly Gael Garcia Bernal’s best work to date.

24 02 2005

This is a great post, Kevin. I’ve not seen Motorcylce Diaries, but I will make a point to do so.

14 04 2009

Hola quiero compartir con ustedes mi blog, Mitad de junio nace desde mi deseo de cambiar por dentro y por fuera, modificar habitos dañinos y sentirme bien. 61 dias para llegar a mi meta. Unite a mi iniciativa y empecemos a cambiar juntos


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