Dreams Dismissed

26 02 2005

Dreams Don’t

I’ve been sleeping,
chosen t’ be kept dreaming,
I’ve dismissed the plague,
kept the allegory vague.
I’ve written in song,
done nobody wrong,
I’ve drummed the beat,
for the marching feet.
I’ve run the rounds,
in circles all around,
I’ve cried out loud,
just to be drowned out.
I’ve pass’d my inhibitions,
gone with too much ambition,
I’ve critically parodied,
only to be buried.
I’ve changed the time,
but only in my mind.

About my poetry, I’d like to have a word edgewise before people criticize it. Pretty much, I just want to say that this isn’t intended to be “crafted” or necessarily “good” even — these are just what spews, ok better word, … spills out of my head when I blog. I’m not going for Robert Frost, Dylan Thomas, or any other poet. I’m just going for Kevin.



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