A Literary Litany

9 03 2005

Here’s some stuff I wrote after school today, milling away my free time.All Chosen

Chosen to fall and driven in failure,
We cry,
Bound by our keyless chains,
We try,
Forcing the dreams not lost,
We lie,
Spilling near the rivers of hope,
We die.

Dream the Dreams

Nothing is worse than the dreams not had,
The summers unbroken, unsplintered, undone,
Nothing defiles us worse than ourselves,
The menacing vow we pledge alone,
Nothing describes the world’s cliché,
Wrenched dreams we cannot discard or display,
Nothing is abandoned in hope,
But despair swells the seas of tumult,
Nothing, we say, breaks on these shores,
For nothing alone can condemn these doors!

On the Mountaintop

Not tired of trying, so sick of lying,
Where the woods fall and the seas dry,
On the mesa beyond right and wrong,
I climbed the rocks, and went to the top,
Quickly, I stared down at the burnt sun,
Deep with my eyes, I gazed with passion,
Trying to conquer its cold red eye,
Standing, focused, my defiant sight,
Blinded to see the countless bodies,
Of so many gazing high.

Second Nature

I am second nature,
Calling from your frozen home,
Choosing to find you,
Being myself, losing moons,
I am true, because I am you.

I am second nature,
Lost, swindled from you,
The hope that drives you,
The love that holds you,
And the smile that guides you,
Broken, because of you.

I am second nature,
Missing from the everyday,
Held down in emerald waters,
Drowned in dismal display,
Choose to be me, to be you,
Find me, because I keep you.

Kindness, Justified.

Why does light push dark?
Or is dark afraid of light?
Light can be drowned in darkness,
And the dark eroded in light,
So who can tell is the victor,
Unless there is more of one,
Than the opposing other.

WTC, Room 88.13

In the sterile room, I twitch,
The fury of metal and doom,
Dare approach. I knew.
With only seconds to live,
I question myself, my integrity,
My goals, my fruits, my family.
The impending total silence,
Being so violent, I shed a tear,
Not for the distasteful fear,
But for those I would now leave,
Those that bear the thoughts of agony,
And as the tear ran down my cheek,
And as the window glass shattered,
I never saw anything after.

The last one is about 9/11 and what may have gone on for someone watching the plane come into the building. Reading Time magazine the other day, I realized that 9/11 can be an immeasurable source for inspiration in my generation. The experience that each of us had that day was unique, certainly a day unlike any other. Not since Pearl Harbor (and really not even then) were we as a country feeling so vulnerable, so patriotic, so scared, and yet so comforted by our family and friends. That day, I thought, wouldn’t matter, terrorism is global, we were due for it. Later, however, I realized that 9/11 would not go away, never would, and that the fear that was instilled within us that fateful morning was not a Saddam or bin-Laden originated fear; no, rather for me it was a fear that these type of acts were the beginning of a national debt to our earth, the countless that were always said to despise us. Moreover, I was terrified at being forced to acknowledge how naive we were. How innocent. How even today, we still do not, cannot, fully understand the world’s problems, why we’re hated (though the last few years certainly don’t help our transcript), and what lies ahead in our path towards maturity.



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