Why I’m Boycotting Red Lobster

13 03 2005

… For at least a week:

At 7:00 p.m. my mom, my brother, and I decided to go to Red Lobster. Even though I was food-deprived today, after waking up at 11:00 and getting to practice 30 minutes away with no food and eating breakfast at 2:30 after practice, even though I went like this, I wasn’t very hungry going into Red Lobster. I don’t know why, I just felt blah. Anyways after our name was called the dialogue pretty much went as follows:

Waiter: Table for three for Kevin

Kevin: Could you hand us a kid’s menu as well? (I montioned towards my little brother to indicate that it was for him)

Waiter: (Turns to face me) I’m sorry we’re all out of crayons.

Kevin: No its not for me … (voice trails)

Waiter: (Indicating seating arrangements again facing me) Would you need a booster seat?

Kevin: (Obviously discontent) No thank you.

Waiter: (hands Kevin the child’s menu) All right. Your server will be with you shortly.

—> Laughing ensues.

Menu for 10 and under:



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