Other Lines

14 03 2005

The Path Through the Ruins

On the path to my dreams
I saw the despaired, the broken, the shamed,
Never could take my shaken mind away,
The dismal, the rich, the lame,
Too sick to bear their cheap goals,
I continued along on my own gold.

On the path to my dreams,
I came across two dividing streams,
One gold and the other clear,
Each one drew me near,
I wanted just one moist sip,
But the drink would cost me
Quite a trip.
For if, with the gold in hand,
I left the clear water in dry sand,
then I would be fully loaded
And with all I need, I noted,
But with the clear water, it seemed,
the path to my dreams grew longer.
I took what I knew I must,
What neither would weigh nor rust,
myself alone, without water or gold.
In these stream’s shallow shores,
My soul lay deathly witness,
To countless lost dreams,
Searching their bodily home.

On the path to my dreams,
I fell beside and kept asleep,
When I awoke, the world had changed,
Or, for my eyes, rearranged.
I continued on my quest,
renewing my promise of my very best.
The labor I learned was one of love,
In accordance with myself Above.

In the Fog

Last night,
I lay awake,
dreaming of my restless state,
With a walk outside,
Called my ephemeral soul to life.
Drawing in the solemn, undying fog,
It was in those dim city lights I saw,
Across the fire’s frozen lake,
The bitter stare,
Of my own face.

Dreaming of the Shadowland

I have dreamt the dream,
of my fallen nation.
The silenced cries of pain,
have axed my patience.
Those who call without their name,
become lost dreams without flame.
I have dreamt the dream,
of the torn, burnt flag.
The blood and the sky,
burning alive,
Consuming each other,
in brilliant light.
I have dreamt the dream,
of the rebel’s cause,
And seen the passion in those eyes,
where change ignites,
The revolution through revolt,
the incandescent light,
The nation, the flag, and the man,
have become the shadow’s wasteland.




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