23 03 2005

Today we saw a video on propaganda in English class. It was very interesting to see how people create enemies. One man wrote on the “convservation of enemies”, in essence, implying that we only create as many enemies as there need be at any time (goes for people, nations, etc). Does the conservation of enemies apply to the “Axis of Evil”? Has Bush created a limited and carefully thought-out attackable, profitable, and rational enemies? Food for thought. Included was old footage depicting 1940’s-1970’s army training videos, which so dehumanizes the enemy that it is astounding. The creation of enemies as abstractions such as the “japs” (in WWII) or the “yanks” (Russia in the Cold War) is even frightening to see how warped that “instruction” was. To connect with Song of Solomon, Guitar dehumanizes Milkman to an abstraction of white ideals, thus now enabling himself to attack Milkman as a white person rather than a black man under the Seven Days agreement. Expect an edit with add the title of the video later.


So tell me why,
Why paint in lies,
Why drive out the sky,
Why fall out of my life?

Where’s Truth Gone?

Where the world ends,
And our bodies lain to mend,
Is where my soul rests,
In the infinite harbors,
Where Truth begins.


I’m sick of playing the fool,
Take his path and be his tool,
Run my road and be mine too.


Choose a state any state,
And I can tell you,
The state of the state,
In color, red or blue.

The reds are the Republicans,
Conservative, and American too,
The mandate they have,
To vote on religious view.

Blue ones are there,
Liberals, with Anti-American hate,
What fools they are,
To keep separate church and state.

The state of a state,
Is simple to see,
Two-tone palette,
Blues hate liberty.


They watched their news last night,
Must have been Anti-American, right?
The news that they watch,
Is completely filtered dirty wash,
I bet they hung one just for fun,

With flint and sticks they saw the news,
Of the hate-America views,
They don’t know much at all,
Of how smart countries play ball,
They cannot see why we should,
But my God knows our greater good.

Those barbaric, unkempt homes,
Must need us to save their soul.
What they watched last night,
Was completely a unforgivable lie.

No American would do those things,
At least the ones that I’ve seen,
And we’re all the good folk,
From southern Texas to northern D.C.,
Espousing red freedom and red liberty.



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