The Great Gatsby

16 05 2005

The Price

What was the price that nobody paid,
At the end of the war, when nobody stayed,
Por qué fuimos al otro lado del mar,
Cuando en las noches no pudimos regresar,
In the dreams of our mind we danced in two streets,
Out of place, another act, another scene,
Las vidas terminan, no crecen, solo faltan,
La huerta ya se quemó, solamente queda un árbol,
And what was left was never, never the same,
The shadows of joy were product of shame.
A la luz botamos la mano, solo esperando,
Esperando que el mundo se cambie.
But the light is all there is to get,
An immaterial desire in physical form,
Como un espantoso sueno, podemos ver,
En lo que debemos lograr y tener,
There isn’t anything else out here,
Only the women, the cash, and the beer,
No digas que somos tristes,
En realidad, somos bastantes felices.


Dear Carraway,

I’m doing what I want to,
But I know I won’t want it,
I’m only, only reaching,
Trying and seeking,
I’m going for the gold,
Know I’m not all that old,
And I won’t take it slow,

Reaching past the waves,
Grasping what can’t be made,

So you’d call it looking back,
Judge, but don’t be too fast,
The ladder is quite defined,
Golden rung will soon be mine,
I’m pouring the sweet salvation,
Taking what it takes,
Life past celebration,

Hoping for the past,
Somehow we’ll bring it back,

Driving I can see her,
In my dreams I’m with her,
All the way at the top,
Die before I stop.
I just keep going,
Walking and destroying,
Like a child in the morning,

I saw my life at death’s black port,
To death I said, “Not today, old sport”.




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