Poetry and Love from Harvard

21 07 2005


I went back the other night,
Into my long lost past,
Slow motion black and white,
Memories of simplicity,

And then I saw around the corner,
Past the sand and outside,
What we always wanted,
What I feared all the time,

I met a good friend at nap time,
And she whispered into my head,
I can’t say I liked it,
But I grew up just like she said.


Read my eyes and verily do see,
That face that does know liberty,
And where, perhaps, you had to lie,
I considered it a choice to die,

Though your hour draws near,
Your cries for release I shall not hear,
Why should I let you escape,
When my country you have pained?

As I draw the pistol free,
I gather that you might not see,
The final click in your life,
Silence that ends yours as it will mine,

Strange is the deed without remorse,
Toss’d aside the tool of force,
Pull the gloves off, turn on the lights,
This is Washington at night,

I walk back to my small-town home,
Successful self-made man roams,
A lawyer, famously kind,
Pulls away one more time.

Casa California

Estábamos cerca de la playa,
Me pasaste la mano,
Y me dijiste como bailen en…

Mi lugar favorito,
La residencia especial,
Donde que los pobres tengan todo,
Y a los ricos les falten poco,
Todos buscan a cantar,
Vamos ahora a bailar y,
Se llama a mi país…
La casa California,
La casa California.

Nos quedamos en las aguas,
Esperando para la madrugada,
Y me dijiste como suenen en…

Tu nuevo pasatiempo,
Siempre hace buen tiempo,
Donde que los niños nunca crezcan,
Y los viejos nunca queden,
Nos mojamos para jugar,
Botamos todos para nadar y,
Así es en mi país…
La casa California,
La casa California.

Yo deje a mi mundo,
Bajé el agua (ahogando),
Y me dijiste como viven en…

La luces espectacular,
Pagado en un gran vida artificial,
Donde que los chicos extrañen sus padres,
Y los padres saquen la cartera para amar,
Bajo solo bajo el mar,
Al fondo de mi corazón te llevo a buscar y,
Amo a mi país…
La casa California,
La casa California,

La casa sin ladrillo,
La casa con martillos,
La casa sin ventanas,
La casa con ventajas,
La casa en La Jolla,
Mi casa California…

La Decisión

Dime tu decisión,
Como has seleccionado,
Porque tus ojos me han quemado,
Y su insoportable luz me esta matando,
Ahora quiero saber,
Y necesito entender,
Porque mi alma esta bajando,
Cada momento que me pase,
Somos libres, somos gente,
Tenemos la capacidad para compasión,
Y no lo usamos,

Le pregunto: ¿porque?…
No hay razones de suportarlo,
Este idea de volar sin soñar,
Y de quedar y mirar,
La vida no es un deporte,
En que puedes ser un espectador,
Y por eso te digo,
Te suplico,
Y te pido,
Toma el día,
Toma un riesgo
Tómalo conmigo.

Never Over

Goodbye my friend, she said,
Goodbye my love, he said,
And it was so much to think,
That they could not quite be,
And the rain could not fall hard enough,
Love isn’t quite that bright,
I only had hoped it never dies,
But the sun keeps shining on,
And the rain doesn’t seem to stop.

Carry On

I wash away the tears,
Fly away from my closest fears,
Sleep now, pull in the snow,
Come here, and take me home.

I wonder all summer day,
If together we could breakaway,
Dream on, I hold your hand,
Sing please, just one more dance,
One step, in the California sand …

Somewhere, Outside

There may not be an answer,
And you may not get a sign,
But I know one thing,
You’ll hear it in due time,
At five you’ll hear the chimes,
Of the beauty outside,
Wind blows, Water falls,
Let it go until summer calls,
As if I could set you straight,
If only you could hear the times,
Read God’s harmonic lines,
The math behind,
What men have called,
The only true sign,
Of intelligent design.


Sleep is renewal,
Sleeping oh beautiful,
My spirit’s drifting away,
Consciousness fades out early today,
Dreamers roll in stormy seas,
Rock the cradle until I sleep,
And if the dawn is bright,
Then I’ll lay down, close the blinds,
Glance at clock, it’s one, so I’ll
Sleep away the sun …

I’m beginning to fade,
To sleep in class all day,
Disappear from the radar,
Return into the packed bar,
And this is where I say goodbye,
Where I daze into the sky,
Fallen, I have gone,
Back into where thinking goes on,
Into the recesses of unconsciousness,
And the imaginary swingset,
I always have my seat,
For the ending, fall asleep.

What is Harvard?

There is a distinction to its name; a prestige that can’t be borrowed, sold, taken, or traded. And if the school is more than money, more than honor, more than an education, what has it indeed become. Because Harvard is not simply multimillion dollar Oracle donations, nor is it only a name carried by diplomas since 1636, we must place hope for the reputation in the education. But is not pretty Princeton, is not genius MIT, or affluent Yale, or insulated Stanford, or lowly Dartmouth of equal, if not higher, academic potency. Where is Harvard? Where do we find reason in the distinction? If we are all simply going to agree on making the oldest of the Ivies the top school, and then submit ourselves as inferior for not getting in, and furthermore, relinquish our dreams to those who are handed the acceptance letters, who is to say we have not been handed what we deserve. The person who Harvard accepts and the one you will not let them deny is a person who cannot let go of their dreams, those few who relentlessly pursue the springs of vitality, the person you are or must be willing to become. For indeed a Harvard alum is a unique breed, one must either wrestle with oneself to become such or be born destined. Veritas.

Philosophy on where the person we call ourselves resides –
There is a difference between me and my clone, the you I see and the one I know. Not am I just me, but I am who I believe I am to be. Where am I you ask, I reside in my brain, my conscious past.

Professor Teuber (Philosophy)

“You can’t have a storm without a rainbow, or a rainbow without rain, rainbow without sunshine, or sunshine without a rainbow.”

“Is a banana a banana? … I don’t know; I have a very limited knowledge of food”

“If God was good then why didn’t God make us all evil … I mean all good?”

“God … oh yeah, I just saw him there running through the woods”

“So you think they get to copyright the name ‘Theseus’s Ship’ and what, if I use the name, are they going to sue me or something?”

“Don’t try to figure out how it works, that would take too much time”

On philosopher Hume: “Scottish, but people still hold him in high regards nonetheless”

On chemistry: “You get bored; lose focus … and it gets repetitive between the alkenes and the alkalines”

“What is a friend with benefits … like do you mean she’s rich or something … free insurance?”

“Your mind just starts to wander … just like children”

“I just feel like I’m the only one awake”

“It was hot … really hot … you know what, I think you guys deserve some points for getting that paper in”

“I was thinking, therefore I was there … no that doesn’t work … no, just no”

“You look around to find God … I mean Santa Claus”

“Maybe you don’t want them intelligent … maybe you want them to obey”

Java is going well and so is Philosophy; in Philosophy we just turned in our first paper, the next of which is due in a week’s time. As Philosophy tends to appear as if it were speeding up, Intro to Java remains to be difficult, fun, intuitive, tricky, long all at once. Truly an interesting class, and my only disappointment is that we are getting a new teacher next week. Hopefully he matches both the teaching skill and the aptitude for the class as the current professor has.

Took a tour of Boston last weekend with Maddy, her mom, and her aunt. They came up from New Jersey as had the parents of my friend Luis and my friend David. So out of the four of us, I was the only one without ‘rents. But it’s ok, I got Mr. Allen coming by and maybe my parents might come visit later [but it looks like we have some excellent alternate plans eh Kyle : ) ] … The Manhattan Project nears completion … two more days until we go to New York and see the Museum of Art, and the a Museum of Natural History and the musical “Rent”. I’m not really the trip coordinator because out of the four of us, I’m the only one who hasn’t been to NYC. I’m looking forward to the train ride.

When I visited Yale (beautiful campus, pouring rain) I ruined my Fountainhead in my backpack (consequentially everything else got soaked, but nothing of similar value). Luckily, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out last week and I finished reading the last chapter today out loud with Maddy. It was a bittersweet ending to a still darker book (don’t you just love how each book is progressively darker). Still need to begin the Anna …

Harry Potter mania in general:
Seeing Samar dressed in full black robes with a maroon and gold scarf (a la Gryffindor witch) in Annenburg Hall (which is the dining hall Rowling had based the Great Hall in her Harry Potter books on) which in turn was decked in full-on Harry Potter theme including House banners such as Gryffindor hanging overhead, listening to deans speaked dressed as Heads of Houses amidst children reading the book at the dinnertable – all fairly sums up the frenzy of Harry Potter mania that swept Harvard. I suppose the whole “JK Rowling modeled her school of witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts, after Harvard thing” might explain a bit.

Okay, I promise to keep blogging more often and to post more pictures. There are definitely quite a few that deserve the air and liberty only found on the as Bush calls it, “the Internets”.

To everyone reading in the OC, I miss you
To everyone reading here at Cambridge, I’ll see you
And to those special readers at home in San Diego, I love you




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