About Dreams

4 09 2005

About Dreams
I wish I wasn’t crying,
I wish everything was fixed,
But now I’m only sighing,
Dreaming about laying brick.

Dreams are the things you can’t see or touch or feel, but you hold onto them anyways.

I like to dream, because in my dreams the impossible always happens and in that there is this perfect sensation that the incredible is real, that impossible just happened. Dreams are glimpses into the creative soul buried within all of us – they hold that unique untold story that is a blend of fact and fiction; dreams are what is impossible for the cluttered conscious to grasp, and maybe that’s why we rarely remember our dreams clearly – when we wake up we are presented the same world we fell asleep to, with its trivialities, its mundane repetitions, and its unrealized splendor. Dreams bring those kinds of stories to life.



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