10 10 2005

Things you can do with money:

For under $8000, you can read, more or less, every classic book ever produced. The Complete Penguin Books Classics Over 750 lbs of books shipped right to your door! And you’ll look either like a ridiculously well read person, an strange book aficionado, or a rich person who wants to appear educated.

You can, for a mere $15 to 20 million make national news and fly into space. “A full adventure package, complete with jet flights, luxury hotel, charter zero-g flight, VIP service, etc. retails for $179,000. Purchase the medical check alone for significantly less.” Incredible Advenutres(c) .pdf The total flight cost including more than just the training is about $15-20 million. The brochure tells you that depending on your job, they’ll negotiate a price with the Russian Space Agency.

Money can buy almost everything. There are a few ‘priceless’ things. How important are they to a county, Orange County, who has more money than any other in the US? How important do you think priceless things are to people who can afford anything? I believe in the concept of priceless, but I wonder for those who get almost everything they want, from a 350Z to a big screen tv, how distorted is priceless to us? Are we closer or farther from knowing what can and can’t be bought? I don’t know.

“I want a pony”

Are you sure?



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