My Reply

10 01 2006


WE are cold,
We are reason,
We are expectations
out of season,
We run by our demons,
And we talk
So we believe us.

A Disconnect

I feel a disconnect,
Some strong apathy,
Maybe they have intellect,
While I’ll just be me.


My experience my desires,
They will take a break and sit together,
They will make their separate peace.

Choosing Carefully

I guess my word choice is poor,
I’m not keeping track,
I’m not the one keeping score,

I don’t mean to use the bigger ones,
When the little ones will do,
Just wish I had the freedom to say,
“I am conscious of this affliction too”.


In death I will absolve thee too

The Traveler and the Guide

He never gave up on the traveler, both were fighters. To the last day, the guide remarked that he had not completed his job. The guide never failed, but nonetheless he felt he needed to give the perfect advice – the perfect tour to complete him. There was one land which this traveler had not ventured through. Seeing it from far away, he was interested in going many times. It was never quite perfectly convenient, but at last he made his way and secured a promising entrance. I don’t suppose you know where it is, but I figure you’ve been through there anyway.

The guide was upset. The traveler was weary, confused by the slowdown. Never before had the guide posed as such an obstacle! Always questioning each other, they made little actual progress (in the eyes of the traveler) and were altogether much too much in the wilderness in the eyes of the guide. I’m not sure you know the questions, but you’ve had those fights.

In the end, he gave his advice, “When in doubt, don’t”, which unfortunately meant the wrong thing to the traveler who, entranced, entered the wilderness.




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