12 01 2006

Matching Drops

Discussing was too light a word for it. Sure you might have called an argument, but really this was just how they talked. “Stop saying the same thing”, one said. “Well,” replied the other, “you obviously didn’t listen the first time”. Neither walked away trouncing the other. In fact, each felt as though they lost the discussion, but were the only ones to realize it. The man’s brown eyes glared askance at the equally distant brown eyes of the woman. Undeniably clear to them was that the discussion would go on, ending any remnant of peace between them, which would, of course, destroy them both. This one solitary argument, played out in minor roles before and strung out on the day, continues to be a rebel instrument. The rain fell outside amidst the chorus of thunder. He cried matching drops as he watched her walk into the rain again.




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