So Says I

18 01 2006

Originally uploaded by Kevin V.

I Take it In

I sit in silence,
As you shout or scream,
I look quiet,
As you’ll cut me,

I take it in,
As you break me down,
I feel guilty,
As you throw me out,

I won’t speak,
As you try to get through,
I mutedly listen,
As you make a new bruise,

I don’t look as hurt,
As you want me to be,
I wait for my turn,
As you let your feelings free,

I solemnly stare,
As you quote from your text,
“I must not care,”
As you are prone to expect,

I try not to swerve,
As you snap my cables,
I guess it’s deserved,
As you pound on the table,

I hope to fight back,
As you want me to now,
I know that track,
As you love to throw my logic out,

I close my lips,
As you tear at my mistakes,
I choose not to risk,
As your hate escapes




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