Passing Storm

19 01 2006

One to Derail

Get perfect already or
Just step out of the way,
I’m on a mission,
Please don’t criticize,
Whatever you say about my faults,
Odds are you’re just two steps behind,
So get perfect and try to understand,
I’m in this thing to try,
Wait on what it is you want to say,
I know exactly when I fall shy,
I’ll let you derail this train of thought,
When you get perfect (or just give it a try)
And with your perfect heart,
You can end my personal war

Stuck In Riddles

Tilt your head and question yourself,
I’m sick of doing the same,
Go get stuck in riddles,
Go to pieces down to your name,

Slip to where I’m stuck,
Get lost in your insecurities,
Find out your imperfections,
It’s doubt at life or death speed,

Crush your hopes,
The ones you dare to deserve,
Untie that rope,
There’s no escape but to learn

Step Into The Night

The modern age works like a page,
Torn from a sacred text,
Analyzed, waiting to be described,
The truth itself perplexed


The snow is melting,
The sun will shine,
The words are blooming,
Though the sun will hide.


Sheepherders cry when the night falls into place,
And the valleys creak as the monsters escape,
The problem isn’t that they can’t be contained,
We just can’t survive all the way till daybreak

Out of Sight

Fall, fall into the night,
Dream the same dream every time,
Climb way up into the sky,
Crash from those heavenly heights,
Slide to the end of this innocent flight,
Into this and out of sight



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