On Now

20 01 2006

Winter Writes, Not I

I don’t know what this is,
A return to my roots?
I’m not exactly
This is just a collection,
Of thoughts,
Unwound thoughts,
I imagine,
Maybe perhaps, possibly.

I’m not happy at the distance,
Between you and I,
Somehow we’ve fallen apart,
And it’s not just you,
It’s him, and them, and her too,
I’ve gone somewhere,
I’m writing in circles,
And I definitely care,
It’s just,
I’m not making waves in soccer games,
In ways good or bad,
I’m not in it with teammates,
The nice ones, the weird ones,
And the ones that play,
This isn’t just written to you,
And I’m sure you think it is,
But the world revolves around them too,
There isn’t any continuity,
Nothing to depend on me for now,
I guess that’s become apparent,
Sorry, should I get out?
Guess what, I’m not the one who leaves,
I’ll be the awkward guy in the sea,
I really am not interested in rhyme,
Or meter, or even substance,
You can excuse it as you may,
But I know this trouble will make me pay,
I have a confusion,
A lack of clarity,
And precision,
Can’t appease anyone,
Not a single person,
Not me.
And so I’ve failed! Yes I know,
Now what! What do I do?
Close the shutters, nope I can’t!
So I guess I’m returning,
Recycling back into my little world all again?
I guess?



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