Moment in Mind

3 02 2006

Wit and the Words

I pulled on my pants and began writing. I snapped the cap off her pen with my teeth, thought to myself for only a moment, and with my face inches from the paper began to scribble in my familiar font. It wasn’t long before I felt hungry so I quickly fled the scene to the local In-n-out. Upon my return my page was as blank as ever, yet not so in my mind. I had the elusive thought strangled up there. As the thought choked and faded, I wondered how long it would take before I wrote anything at all. Then, just as the bell chimes unexpectedly though as expected, a new thought flourished in my head. Jotting down the general outline of this idea, I began to shape its evolution. The beginning, I believed, of any good story must lead straight into the question. Looking over my notes, I realized that I had outlined this. “Good”, I said to myself and continued to write. My pen moved across the page, though many would say to no purpose. Next, I furnished the core of my message, exploring the difficulties of pairing the wit and the words. “I never used to like writing”, I said still recovering from waking up. It’s a lonely life, writing. Last, I finished that essay (one of the worst, let me tell you) with only a few words to spare. Afterwards and back in bed, I thought to myself, what a wonderful world the world might be.




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