I spoke once

18 02 2006


I spoke of a song once,
The chorus roused the heavens,
With verses smooth as valleys,
And the notes were played delicately,
As if it would die were it played off-key,

The song indeed was at times drawn out,
Deep bellows that made the children cry,
The echoes resonating in the hearts of man,
And women waiting for their peace,

At other times the song would quiver and faint,
The children would tug and ask if it were over,
While the men glanced around,
The women sobbed at the sound,

Still the song lifted once more,
The children began to understand the score,
A few good men began to break down,
And the women quietly asked for more.

I tell you this song never quite comes to a close,
It stays, it stays, no matter how ragged and torn,
It remains buried alive, abused by scorn;
I pray you listen for it, shall it play for you,
Take the chance,
It shall but once in the deepest of depths ring true.



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