Lost and Found

9 03 2006

These are a few poems I wrote that I found scattered on a random computer.

“Erased” was initially untitled before tonight. Only the first three lines were written, I cannot recall what I was talking about at the time:


And if the dreams came much too late,
If the hopes were lost at sea,
If your troubles would not be erased,
What would you want to be

I sang this once. Another untitled poem that was just now given a title, “Oh, My Illusions” was initially created to the beat of Sufjan Stevens “Come On! Feel The Illinoise!”:

Oh, My Illusions

I am standing in my sandals – at the – top of the stairs,
I am wondering – who in my – Great World even cares,
It is a mystery, another of my in-consis-ten-cies,
Another guess would be only one further test,
Yet there is a solution, and she’s no illusion,
Can’t escape the thinking of what I shouldn’t be thinking,
If only my answers would, they’d tell me I might be so good.

This one was written about a year ago, another mimic. Loosely based of off Maroon 5’s “Through With You”:

So Gone

I am never going back here,
And i’m taking my ghost back,
Can you see me dear,
So gone, nothing even disappears.

and so they said,
thanks for nothing
and so they said,
take it all to the head,

Saw you at the store the other day,
Man, I didn’t even wave,
No feelings at the bleeding bay,
So gone, I didn’t even pay.

and so they said,
thanks for nothing
and so they said,
take it all to the head,

This one was written last year and is loosely related to my brief but intense reading of Shakespeare’s “Othello”. And yes, I’m trying to somewhat subtly imply that my bout with “Hamlet” is natural when I read Shakespeare.

Letters From Heaven

Letters from heaven,
Came to my door last night,
Probably wasn’t from angels,
And not from a friend,
Something came and in God’s pen.

I’d say that they told me,
Of joy and paradise,
If that were the case,
But the letters he sent,
Sliced my face.

That letter I got at my feet,
Made me think twice,
What he said I read,
Make temporal through time,
Let dreams escape the mind.




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