Some Joy

9 03 2006

Not that I Matter

I pulled back, not that it matters,
Tossing and turning from impossibly far away,
I cried alone, oh I know I don’t matter,
Making myself in many, many mistakes

And she was so delicate, her words
Fell gracefully by my side,
Her beauty so intricate, her love
Saves me from my cries.

The World Drops Out

If the world drops out,
And everyone dies down,
Certain things are certain,
In my hand is a hand,
In yours there’s a man,
Standing here – uncertain,
Wondering why – a purpose,

While the pieces fall out,
No one can take from you,
The love you feel,
It’s what the world goes through,
The way that we see it,
The life that can be it,
The wonder of you and me,
I’ve got to see it through your eyes,
Or close mine and never see the light.

A Mistake

I made a mistake,
I made a mistake …
We can never quite go back,
And that was that,
My love cried black,

We can never run around,
I won’t let me in your door,
And we frown,

I made a mistake, a mistake,
I can’t ever be your man,
And that was that,
This boy is bad.

I see redemption in my eyes,
Forgiveness in your cries,
But that was that,
I’ve gone bad,
And now I’m sad,
(The world’s mad)
And no one’s glad
I want my bad erased,
My late mistake.

(Hold on,)
I’ve got a thought,
On this mistake, my mistake,
Imagine if what I might say,
My darling wait,
I’ll keep you and change
My fragile ways

My love I will love you,
And I’m sorry I’ll hurt you,
But what can I say, I will try,
I will try – ‘til we die,
All these many, many mistakes
I pray my love will erase.



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