10 03 2006


This is one hundred and one,
More than year has gone by,
This one will go on and on,
And with a hundred behind, I wonder why …


Slow down earth and sky,
Watch the dew dissolve you,
And wait for the joyful cry,
The riddles will astound you.


I feel the blood surge into my head,
The rage I build into this suspense,
I quicken my pace, I enter a daze,
Swinging my arms around,
I don’t know what I am,
What I am doing, or where I am,
What is this haze, this haste …

I’ve reached some milestone moment here: 101 posts. Sure, every other blog in existence has gotten to one-oh-one, but not my blog. Until now. So, it’s pretty important.

Thanks to everyone who has kept enough interest in channel16 to keep it going.

And that, my friends, is the 101.



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