An Oppressive Slant

11 03 2006

All Abouts

“You’ve all got to hand it to yourselves. You think it’s all about you,” the familiar young man spoke. “If you’d like me to speak with you honestly, then ask for it. However, each and every one of you know better. It’s not cowardice, it’s disgust. You don’t want to hear me say cruel, inhuman things to you. True things; but the slant of my voice will oppress you.” He laughed, perhaps almost a sly cackle. “I could, perhaps, hide it.” He said this knowing that he only could, but would forever have to. However, he could not resist tempting them. “My words be riddles and my toungue be forked, by your wisdom I do beseech thee, think not thyself on mere words”. He laughed knowing as they thought out his words not only would they miss the point entirely, they would believe he was quoting Shakespeare or some forgotten literary ghost. He smiled again. Thinking to himself, “I enjoy playing with them. If the effect wears off, or they choose not to play silly games with me, why should I play silly games with them. I know that for now, I best play along.” After some time, by which his familiar audience was growing frustrated having been embarrassingly given more than plentiful time to understand his previous statement, he spoke again. “I am not what I am. Add to that a bit of ‘I know not seems’ and a dash of my flair for acting and perhaps you’ve hit the root to this, my dilemma, my madness as you call it. But, Hamlet comparisons aside, I am and have always been myself. Just because I stop acting for a while shouldn’t toss you all in a panic. Relax, soon enough things will get back to normal.” He laughed, wiped his eyes, and composed himself. Continuing, he said, “Everything will be familiar again.”

And yes, “This time, it was all about you”.




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