Dreams Not Unfamiliar

26 03 2006

Under the Lunar Sky

I watched lunar sky that night,
As I took a nap inside my mind,
It was too much – I could not breathe,
The words came out and I was choking.

You lay in front of me, it was my mistake,
Don’t cry like that, you might not wake,
Oh no, oh no, please let this go,
I swear, I swear, your breathing is so slow…

The lunar sky walked above my head,
It took its time as the streetlight sent us to bed,
This time I know I won’t let you down,
Oh God, oh God, where are you now?

As long you breathe I’ll be alright,
The future my imagination writes tonight,
Oh no, oh no, I pull you close,
You’re barely moving and now I just don’t know …

As I held up your lifeless neck,
The lunar sky watched over our heads,
I wondered if this would be the end,
And then you said, then you said,

You said, “Goodnight, it will be alright,
Can’t you feel my breathe by your side”
My face dropped two notes and fell again,
Then you smiled and everything was said.

I Won’t Let Go

It must have been years by now,
Maybe just a yesterday,
When your mother broke down,
I remember what she used to say.

A long time ago, before you left,
She came to our house, now and then,
“Oh my dears the years you’ll have”,
You remembered exactly what she said.

The night, the vows, the song, the dance,
Darling you departed so soon,
And did that kiss have to be the last?

The light came, and it went,
Now I’ve lost all that I had left,
The songs you sang still follow me,
And the crash that struck you so violently.

Here I am with no life in my hands,
Silent, tilted with my back to the wall,
I feel the ring the one they gave back to me,
The one I can’t let go – the scene, the scene,

Your eyes looked empty, I could not turn away,
They shut them for me, it was the day the day,
The light that drew us outside,
To take a walk that would change our lives.

We sat on the swings, the cars went by,
It was just another day of our lives,
You mentioned the kids, I smiled,
We whispered about the years, the miles,

I wanted to stay, we had to leave,
There were things to do, places to see,
If only, if only, darling I’m sorry,
You led us away, it was like a dream,
You went your way through the door unseen.


I met you last night and the feeling is fading,
You wore a beautiful face and you were waiting,
I left my date at the door for someone more,
We made our escape,

You were the girl I always knew,
We rode on the swings before the early dawn,
The one that laughed at my silliest jokes,
The girl who fixed me when I was wrong,

Now you’re gone,
The moment is lost,
I’m crying alone,
The night, the night is forgot.

I pretend you’d be there if I turned around,
I made it a game, and I shouldn’t lose now,
Maybe I know better, maybe I don’t,
Last night I cashed in all my hopes.

I give up, doubt wins, now I turn,
I blink and pretend to not believe what I see,
There’s nothing in sight,
Then you say, “You’ve got to open your eyes”


Tears dissolved his sight,
The weakness he gave into,
In exchange for her eyes.

Fear and Regret

My body was trembling,
The unspoken tragedy played out before my eyes,
Everything was crumbling,
I watched you hold me up as I died,

A few parting words, a goodbye kiss,
I watched the eloquent grace I will forever miss,
I looked around, I wasn’t ready to leave,
God was coming, so I hid under the sheet,

I peeked around and there He was,
I ran towards my body jumped inside,
I shook, I stirred, you smiled, you cried,

Almost back together again,
I looked up to see God pulling me in,
Turning away from the bright light,
I fought and I fought, but darling I’m sorry I died.



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