Problems with Makeup

17 06 2006

Forgetting, Pretending

I love how girls pretend to be,
When they’re not,
Playing to what boys want to see,
Pretty glittery soft,
She’s got a fake smile and not a grain of sand in her hair,
When did she last have fun outside,
Making snow angels in her underwear,
Too worried about the way she’ll look,
Busy preserving an image that wont last,
Forgetting that pretending gets you nowhere fast.

A dress worn hanging on her shoulders,
Maybe is a bit too revealing,
You’d think a perfect guy to hold her,
Just another vision unappealing
To those who prefer the false pretend,
The enigmatic climb and eyeliner descent,
Glossed lips that beckon feeling,
The population approves of beauty stealing,
Last I checked, we’re not on stage,
These girls forget there’s more than UV rays
To keep out, a diseased disgrace to purists everywhere,
Girls play Barbie with their own skin and hair,
Winning every Ken and losing every Socrates,
Is it wonderful imagination or just another
Symptom of plastic degradation?



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