The Teacher and the Student

28 06 2006

Ms. Adele’s Twenty Four

The student tapped his pencil against the desk. His watch ticked a few times, a few times running forwards and a few times flowing counterclockwise. The classmates were all around him slumped over their desks, asleep. The teacher, Ms. Adele, continued to teach to him and only him. James began to recite his memorization of mathematical formulas. “The first fundamental theorem states that the ..”, he stammered. He noticed things in his panic, there were four distinct walls surrounding him, one door, five tinted windows, twenty four desks arranged neatly into a nearly square pattern. “Why hadn’t she called on someone else.” There were two beads of sweat running down the side of his face. “Well, James, .. what is it?” she said in an intoxicating tone, luring his mind farther from mathematical formulas and closer to darker things. Shadowy, scary, frightening things. The lights might have flickered a little. He stuttered as he used to back in grade school. Her eyes engaged his thought, black as ice, impossible to decode. He tried to think differently, this wasn’t about math, he knew. James narrowed his thoughts, building images of mountains, textbooks, and literature, and valleys filled with numbers and sky of blue and yellow sun and. His eyes closed, stinging of the sweat. In a calm, hypnotizing voice, she asked him to reply. His eyes began to blink uncontrollably, his neck twitched violently. Within the moment, he was flat on the desk, unconscious. “And that makes twenty-four today,” the young Ms. Adele remarked, walking out of the silent classroom.



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