To Comfort the Sad

11 11 2006

One Winter’s Afternoon

I remember a girl from years ago,
She ran away with me to the winter,
And thought it nothing much at all,

She kept me warm at her expense,
But when I went to get her coffee,
The old girl had changed, someone had left.

She drank from the coffee, bitter and hurt,
Embracing the coldness of a winter alone,
My promises fell on cold eyes once more,

So I slipped and I fell, we both laughed,
She took to her feet, coffee in hand,
Crying and frustrated with my errors, I knew,

Thought her too disappointed to keep,
Too much love, and I so believed neither of us could leave,
But she walked out, it was Christmas Eve.

I ran outside to comfort her in the snow,
Where she knelt beside winter, crying alone,
And the bitter taste had gone, but the comfort too was lost,

So maybe my arms warmed her,
Or perhaps it was the drink,
But I’d like to think that she didn’t need anything but me.

Still, I’d failed so many times before,
She couldn’t count on me (or so I thought),
And that was why she had to leave,

But to every winter there is a spring,
So she forgot untracked debts still lingering,

And when I brought my girl some more coffee,
She sat down and smiled forever at me.




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