As I Read On And On About Slavery

27 02 2007

Quote from somewhere in the Internets …

Shouldn’t “African Americans” be apologizing for slavery as well, being their ancestors in Africa sold one another to the white slave traders? As for me, none of my ancestors owned slaves so I am offended by this apology cr**! And instead of whining about the past, people should be thankful they were born in and live in this country…they could be in Africa had it not been for slavery, and some of them wouldn’t have even been born had their ancestors not been brought over here. Think about it….the only people in this country who have a right to complain are the American Indians. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

When I can find the time, I will try to put together my particular views on individualism, multiculturalism, and the American creed (or ethos).


“Energy propagating in a fluctuating way,” I hear, “It moves, feels,” no I mishear, “in fields.”

The girl in front of me is taking notes. She has the chapter highlighted already. Her penmanship is girly, but it has a precision, a fixed dedication. There is a persistence in her writing, she is fervently managing to ignore the lecture.

“Electromagnetic waves; the speed is constant is equal to c, three times ten to the what is it class? Eight. To the eighth meters per second. One and a half seconds to get to the moon, one and a half to get back.”

I think about synaptic transmission and how it pales in comparison to light speed. I think about her penmanship, the curls and swirls, and I imagine that the distance to the moon might one day not be so great.

A prose-poem below:

A Story,

I want to turn this relationship inside out, I want to make it all end, break your heart into pieces on the floor.


Because it’s been months

Of this, of constant bickering, but I’m fine, I’m happy – I love you and you want it to go away.

Currently working on a short-story about a girl named Deborah



One response

4 06 2012

No, Afro-Americans shouldn’t be apologizing for slavery. However, if you could track down the ancestors of those that did the selling, then your assumption is correct. Those who sold the slaves didn’t end up as slaves. So, you’d have to travel to Africa and get your apology from them. If certain Afro-Americans have made you feel that you or perhaps even your ancestors;as far back as you can calculate, are to blame for slavery, then they most certainly are wrong. However,the fault is still two-fold meaning those who sold blacks and those who were receipents of the slaves. We are too far removed from slavery for anyone to point a finger at a particular person or race and scream “there’s the culprit!” Unless someone has found the key to immortality, I’m more than certain that all parties concerned are dead. As for whining, please don’t make the great mistake of taking the words of a few and generalizing it for all. I’ve made my way in this world through hard work, determenation and true grit, not whining!! As for that bit about being in Africa if it wasn’t for slavery well, that teeters on slavery being some form of good. (No need to even go there right!!) But hey this is America, and I’m sticking with it!!

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