Every Song from 1993

19 03 2007

like a dawn that turns off the lights

I was writing a page in a book that would never be read
Only to think (or dream) that you or me might
Have fallen in love that night on my bed..
We talked for hours about our problems
Trying to forget them through a glass of wine.

My diary reads something about how we
Debated the existence of destiny, and that you won.
I wonder what I meant when I said that
All of us die watching a movie or reading a book,
Because that night I felt so alive,
I canceled a flight and we made love.

Five more minutes of insistent speak,
She crumbles and yells, yes I’m listening,
She’s nameless anticipating my casual refusal
Because while I’m not much to look at,
I’ve been there before, Tom,
And I’ve written too much about Anna.



One response

21 03 2007
that harvard kid

This poem is kind of by Vronsky, Anna’s lover in Anna Karenina who is apparently knowledgable about Huck Finn and planes. I feel for his horse in the novel, Frou Frou but that didn’t get a mention because 1) it’s symbolic, 2) it’s late plot-wise, and 3) it’s a horse not Anna, also 4) confusion with the current artist Frou Frou.

“3.14159, secant tangent cosine sine!”

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