For Winter

28 04 2007

Untitled No. 3

I become Russian winter
When the children fall
As the incarnations of desire
Migrate to me to rock and roll
Despite the ashes settling by the way


We are in a movie and your life is the plot
I am merely scenery, a member of the cast
As an extra turns to you and asks,
Why has winter gotten colder
And why don’t the stars shine anymore,
You look up and its my cue,
And I look like I’m supposed to.

Winter, Winter

This slant of light, oppressive-
Books too, align to feed upon the soul
Blessing wives who run out as
Respect’s icy mistress suddenly seeks love.
While some will don inky cloaks, and others
Bury their ineptitude amidst fellow prisoners,
They cannot bear the weight,
While huddled are your masses
They cannot bear the weight
As some break free to find a fire

Winter, Winter [Same thoughts, different writing / style]

While under the weight of winter
And reading some disarming books,
I thought about those who survive despite the bitter cold.
What clothes they hid themselves in,
What escapes they seek,
What efforts they make to huddle together,
(including making families),
And I thought that they alone,
These individuals amongst many,
Could not bear the task.
We cannot depend on them for the solution,
Because once they have found it they no longer bear the weight,
They become as fire,
Which leaves us confused, for which of the many men
Who appears so thawed, so convincingly content
Is not false like the others?




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