Practice Paragraphs

28 04 2007

I became comforted by the sounds of the passing cars; motion, it seemed, meant life, and life meant happiness, and so the sounds of happiness were all around me, grumbling uncontrollably from exhaust pipes. It was the beginning of summer yet again, the Yard in full algaeal bloom draining the nutrients from the pipes and the students around it. As we approached finals season, the vitality outside beckoned; clearly, summer vacation was the product of our collective understanding that these green outdoors must eventually win. And so, spring finals became an endurance test for those who could focus.

The novel begins as would a movie, credits roll introducing you to the actors and actresses by names they don’t go by in the plot. Margaret. Kevin. Maybe a few you know already, some others you can only remember seeing before, and the rest mean nothing to you. The background is particularly well edited: a collage, likely, of leaves falling and soft focus shots of the campus. You know that it is Harvard campus because you’ve seen the cover, you predict the plot somewhat. The first few minutes get everyone on even footing, those who had heard of or seen the trailer and those who just sneaked in. The actors become their respective roles, these new characters emerge, and suddenly a suitcase is dropped on a rough wooden floor the title flashes (something clever, but also reflective of the whole piece) and our lead steps into the dorm-room.




One response

17 03 2008

aha, thats funn. i like spring.

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