Quick Life Post

7 11 2007

Been very busy.

Right now we’re discussing the Big Mac index in International Political Economy, which if you haven’t heard of it I think you’d best check out wikipedia or the Economist (I’m sure they’ve got it covered). We talked about it last year.. And purchasing power parity and yawn. I have to do reading and I’m covering this base before tonight so I don’t procrastinate later. It’s like multitasking my future laziness along with my learning (when I’m not really learning). Let me emphasize that I don’t do this often. And never in multivariable.

I’m considering becoming an Applied Math concentrator. Or Economics. And a secondary definitely in Psychology, although I might be able to switch that into a joint concentration with Econ and get a secondary in pure math (and combine the three). Math bothers me because I both enjoy it and am good at it, but simultaneously not nearly (in any respect) the best. Anyway .. please feel free to input. Oh and the money argument only  works against psychology. Where w(x) is the wage from a major, I’m fairly sure (having seen these investment bankers) is that w(math) > or = w(econ) >> w(psych).Alright, back to the exchange rate.