Untitled Poems.

17 12 2007

Untitled #5


And if Mary, you’re afraid,

Come home.


A summer’s stone throw,

Strikes me in the face – romance,

A woman’s appall, man’s appeal,

Illegitimacy and daring, run run deep,

Deep into the caves of our sinewy core,


And Mary, if it strikes you badly,

Come home.




Untitled #6


Dreams, postmodern

Debts, quite real,

God indifferent,

A life sans zeal.


Love you too mom.




Untitled #7


Did I become too much? Too much a fiend?

A student dancer, a striking scene,

Sigh, haven’t you realized?

I, girl, am none of these things.




Untitled #8


Noises! A cry from a cell!

And she takes that call, anyway in the middle of lecture,

And the teacher, oh he’ll love this,

He laughs at her and drags her onstage,

And still oblivious she presses her ear to the phone,

And we all laugh and jeer and still she hears,

Until we and she are done and she returns to her seat.

From which she never came back.




Untitled #9


All alone, a bone colored rose

Blends with the ground-up ice.

Left there by some wintered bride,

Some human being that could not embrace

That false solace brought by thoughts material.




Untitled #10



You, integrate my hearts. Try.

The drippy numbers unkindly slip on by,

Making mistakes and the eraser has

already burned through my page.



Untitled #11


Angry thoughts, sin, and tables Turned.



Altruism incarnate, God’s own flesh,

Did himself sin by his own admission,

And it makes him all the more human, see

I understand Him a fair bit more,

When I see some of God in me.





One response

17 12 2007

These are great! I enjoyed reading them. Keep writing!

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