Wisdom Teeth Out (28 hours later)

27 05 2009


Got my wisdom teeth out .. here are my chipmunk cheeks

Got my wisdom teeth out .. here are my chipmunk cheeks

The Rebirth of My Twitter.

13 04 2009

I shall tweet on the intertweets @ twitter.com/kevinv

new kevinverbael.com

21 03 2009

redesigned http://www.kevinverbael.com tonight.

New photos online!

1 02 2009

54 photos online today: winter formal, trip to new york, trip home to california, birthday celebrations in california and boston, harvard, you know .. take a looksy!


This Week in Justice: Patriotism – vice or virtue?

1 12 2008


Justice, as you may recall, is a large 850+ student course at the college that walks through various issues in moral philiosophy from a wide and established variety of approaches. Right now we’re studying communitarianism: (generally speaking) the idea that we are not self-owned as a liberal might argue (Locke, Friedman, Nozick, Rawls) but rather we are not so completely free because we have specific duties regarding our commmunity which has part-ownership in all of us.

Poll question

The poll question this week was: “Patriotism is not a virtue but a vice, a prejudice in favor of one’s own kind that we should try to overcome.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Answer for yourself then see the results below:

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Stock trading simulator (website)

19 11 2008

For computer science 50..

We had to make an online stock trading simulator where each registered user gets $10,000 in virtual cash to play the stock market. I spent a little extra time making the website look and feel nice. Please visit and have fun.



4 11 2008

So happy I’m crying! CNN calls it for Obama!